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Online European Industrial Subcontracting Meetings

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28 Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
14.06.2021 to 18.06.2021
bortueta [at] camaragipuzkoa [dot] com
Contact person: 
Blanca Ortueta

Due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid 19 pandemic, the Encounters of Industrial Subcontracting in the Basque Country  that the Chamber of Commerce of Gipuzkoa organizes annually, this edition will take place online between June 14 -18.

The purpose of this event is to arrange on-line individual meetings between purchasers and subcontracting companies that are able to offer competitive solutions for purchaser’s needs.

The Basque Country is a leading region in Spain which benefits from an important industry specialized in industrial subcontracting. Over 27% of Basque enterprises are subcontracting companies. The know-how of these firms, the quality of their products as well as the highly competitive quality-price relation makes the Basque Country an appealing target area for foreign buyers. All the industrial sectors are represented among our companies: foundries (ferrous and non-ferrous), chip-less metal forming (forging, sheet metal working, cutting, additive manufacturing, deep drawing, pipe bending), machining, heat and surface treatment, plastic, rubber, dies, moulds and tooling, electricity and electronics.

It works as follows:
- Purchasers define the activities/business they are looking for.
-The Chamber of Gipuzkoa identifies suitable subcontracting companies and send technical information of these companies to purchasers.
-Purchasers have the option to accept or refuse the contact with the proposed subcontractors.
-The Chamber of Gipuzkoa arrange online meetings between
purchasers and validated subcontracting companies.

Then main  objective of these Encounters is to facilitate cooperation opportunities between Spanish and other European companies.


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