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The Russian company is looking for oil sludge disposal technology.

A Russian company from Moscow is looking for new technological solutions for the disposal of various types of oil sludge. The requested technology must simultaneously and efficiently dispose of solid and liquid sludge. The company is looking for partners as part of a joint venture agreement.

A Russian company from Moscow is engaged in the implementation of large-scale projects for the disposal of various types of waste. The company has more than 10 major projects implemented in three countries. At present, the Russian company organizes the collection of hazardous household waste throughout Russia, and also implements a number of projects in the petrochemical industry, including the disposal of oil sludge.
  Today, there are several types of the most common methods for the disposal of oil sludge, such as heat treatment, chemical treatment, biodegradation, physico-chemical treatment and centrifugation processing. But they all have significant drawbacks, which are either the high cost and low efficiency of the recycling process, or reaction products, for example, dioxins and furans, can form.
  The Russian company is looking for an effective technology for the disposal of oil sludge that is formed during the construction of oil and gas wells, during commercial exploitation of oil refining fields, waste water treatment, when cleaning tanks and other equipment, as well as in energy complexes, transport, engineering, chemical and metallurgical enterprises and etc. In the requested technology, any method of disposal of oil sludge can be applied, but it must utilize all types of solid and liquid oil sludge without the formation of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. The technology requested should be capable of utilizing 50,000 tons of oil sludge per year. Also, the technology should already be implemented on the market and work effectively for its further demonstration to a Russian company and appropriate certificates and intellectual property rights should be obtained for it.

  The Russian company is looking for foreign partners who have innovative and effective technology for the disposal of solid and liquid oil sludge under the joint venture agreement. Under this agreement, a joint company in Russia will be created together with a foreign partner. A foreign partner will join the founders and management staff to the newly created company in Russia and transfer all its intellectual property to it, as well as come to Russia together with a key team to participate in the company's business and production processes. The Russian company will provide orders for the newly created company, it is planned to build more than 50 plants in Russia for the disposal of oil sludge and their further maintenance.



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