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The Polish e-commerce company is offering its distribution services in Poland for manufacturers of a different group of products. The platform is run by a marketing agency and provides sales, packing, and distribution services as well as all logistics aspects of cooperation.

The Polish company started its activity in 2017. Since this year the company had been starting searching for potential foreign partners to cooperate via the Enterprise Europe Network. As a result of the previous co-operation with consultants of Enterprise Europe Network, the company has concluded 10 partnership agreement with SMEs from various countries. The company is looking for new partners to cooperate in order to accelerate its exposure on the Polish market. 

The company since its establishment has been providing customer-oriented distribution services with its diverse knowledge and experience in the field of e-commerce. Since the industry of e-commerce is rapidly growing and being already on the Polish market, the SME wants to sell its product in this part of Europe. 

The company offers e-commerce distribution services in the form of a shopping center. This is an innovative way of presentation of products where every seller can take advantage of platform marketing. The way of management of sales on the platform is flexible. A seller can do it alone or transfer it to the company. In that case, the full service is provided, including the creation of store, distribution (together with reclamation/return service), and all logistic aspects. It is a less expensive way of entering the Polish market for interested in manufacturers.

The offer includes:

- creation of a dedicated store together with products implementation
- management of the created store
- logistic services
- distribution services (with reclamation and return)
- creation dedicated, marketing campaign

There are three ways of cooperation:
• after creating a store manufacturer can send some stock of its products to the distribution center from where the realization of orders is conducted
• after creating a store manufacturer can wait when the first order is placed and then send some stock to the distribution center
• after creating a store all orders coming to the platform can be realized from manufacturers place

The seller can also use the platform alone by creating the store and managing it of their own. 

The company is interested in particular in such products as cosmetics, clothing, cleaning products, crafts, small electronics, computers, household, haberdashery, HORECA products, food products.

The company is open to cooperation with any company that is interested in the Polish market. The company is offering e-commerce distribution services agreements in the Polish market.



For more information please contact Enterprise Europe Network Latvia.

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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Perses Street 2, Riga, LV-1442, Latvia
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Saturday, 31 July, 2021