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B2B-Cooperation Platform of the 26th International Wood Construction Conference 2020 Innsbruck

Brokerage event
16 Manufacture of wood and products of wood and cork; except furniture; manufacture of articles of straw and plaiting materials
20 Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
22 Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
een [at] wktirol [dot] at
Contact person: 
Theresa Neuner

The Tyrol Economic Chamber and the Enterprise Europe Network Tyrol are pleased to invite you to attend the half-day bilateral Business to Business (B2B) meeting event in Innsbruck in the field of wood construction, on the 3rd of December 2020 from 2 to 5 pm.
This B2B-session is part of the 26th International Wood Construction Conference, which takes place from the 2nd to 4th of December 2020 in Innsbruck. 

This international forum offers woodworkers, planners, engineers, architects, project developers, construction and regulatory authorities, timber constructors and craftsmen, practitioners and  instructors the opportunity to get comprehensive information and exchange idea concerning wood construction. 

On the conference, the Enterprise Europe Network organises bilateral B2B-meetings between SMEs, organisations, research and technology stakeholders and representatives from public authorities. This event will provide a great opportunity to enter a huge network and get connected with other SME’s. In addition, it will give participants the opportunity to meet other relevant partners, like research institutes, stakeholders and representatives from public authorities, which they could select in advance.

This networking event will focus on innovative companies worldwide, specialized in the wood/timber construction and building sector. Target group are companies from main and ancillary construction trades, general- and subcontractors and suppliers alike.

Main topics:
• Timber/wood construction & products
• Construction components & materials
• Engineering & planning, IT-Services
• Research & development
• Construction chemistry

Why participate?
• to get to know several potential partners at one afternoon
• to initiate future international business deals
• to discuss new technologies and research projects
• to visit the 26th International Wood Construction Conference

Registration and program: 

Participants of the matchmaking event will register on a dedicated website, where they will be able to promote their organisation and projects to generate interest from potential foreign partners. Interested companies will then be able to pre-arrange as many individual meetings of 20-minutes as possible over different time slots to maximise their attendance. 

The participation at the B2B-event is free of charge and open to all participants of the International Wood Construction Conference 2020. 

However, the additional participation at the 26th International Wood Construction Conference is a requirement. You can find the registration for the International Wood Construction Conference on the following link: https://www.forumholzbau.com/IHF/.

More information on the B2B-event, registration and detailed program on https://b2b-timber-construction-forum2020.b2match.io/.

The official language used at the event is English. If necessary, translation can be organised, but only if told during the online registration process.